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Career Planning

Career Planning Syllabus

Chapter 1 Prepare

Chapter 2 Skills

Chapter 3 Preferences

Chapter 4 Values

Chapter 5 Explore

Chapter 6 Relationships

Chapter 7 Decision Making

Chapter 8 Tools

Chapter 9 Launch

Chapter 10 Career Management


Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers Syllabus

 Access Unit A Data Types

Access Unit B Using and Building Queries

Access Unit C Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Access Unit D Using Reports

CC Unit A Computer and Internet Basics

CC Unit B Computer and Hardware

CC Unit C Computer Software

CC Unit D File Management and Digital Electronics

Cloud Appendix Working in the Cloud

Excel Unit A Getting Started with Excel 2013

Excel Unit B Working with Formulas and Functions

Excel Unit C Formatting a Worksheet

Excel Unit D Working with Charts

Integration Unit A Integrating Word and Excel

Integration Unit B Integrating Word, Excel, and Access

Integration Unit C Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

 Internet Explorer 10 Unit A Getting Started with Internet Explorer 10.pdf

Office Unit A Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2013.pdf

Outlook Unit A Getting Started with Email

Outlook Unit A Managing Information Using Outlook

PowerPoint Unit A Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint Unit B Modifying a Presentation

PowerPoint Unit C Inserting Objects into a Presentation

PowerPoint Unit D Finishing a Presentation

Windows 8 Unit A Getting Started with Windows 8

Windows 8 Unit B Understanding File Management

Word Unit A Creating Documents with Word 2013

Word Unit B Editing Documents

Word Unit C Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Word Unit D Formatting Documents