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Financial Accounting

 Chapter I The Role of Accounting

Chapter II Basic Accounting Systems Cash Basis

Chapter III. Basic Accounting Systems and Accrual Basis

Chapter IV Accounting for Retail Operations

Quiz Chapters I -IV

Chapter V Internal Control and Cash

Chapter VI Receivables and Inventories

Chapter VII Fixed Assets, Natural Resources, and Intangibles

Chapter VIII Liabities and Stockholders Equity

Quiz Chapters V-VIII

Chapter IX Metric Analysis and Financial Statements

Chapter X Accounting Systems for Manufacturing Operations

Chapter XI Cost Volume Analysis

Chapter XII Differential Analysis

Quiz Chaters IX-XII

Chapter XIII Budjet and Standars Cost

 Chapter XIV Decentralized Operations

Chapt XV Capital Investment Analysis

Quiz Chapters XIII-XV


Career Education-Planning a Career

Career Planning Syllabus

Chapter 1 Prepare

Chapter 2 Skills

Chapter 3 Preferences

Chapter 4 Values

Chapter 5 Explore

Quiz Chapters 1-5


Chapter 6 Relationships

Chapter 7 Decision Making

Chapter 8 Tools

Chapter 9 Launch

Chapter 10 Career Management

Quiz Chapters 6-10


Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programs

Introduction to Computers Syllabus


CC Unit A Computer and Internet Basics

CC Unit B Computer and Hardware

CC Unit C Computer Software

CC Unit D File Management and Digital Electronics

Cloud Appendix Working in the Cloud

 Internet Explorer 10 Unit A Getting Started with Internet Explorer 10.pdf

Office Unit A Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2013.pdf

Outlook Unit A Getting Started with Email

Outlook Unit A Managing Information Using Outlook

Quiz- The Basics



 Access Unit A Data Types

Access Unit B Using and Building Queries

Access Unit C Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Access Unit D Using Reports

Quiz- Using Access


Excel Unit A Getting Started with Excel 2013

Excel Unit B Working with Formulas and Functions

Excel Unit C Formatting a Worksheet

Excel Unit D Working with Charts

Quiz- Excel Spreadsheets


Integration Unit A Integrating Word and Excel

Integration Unit B Integrating Word, Excel, and Access

Integration Unit C Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

Quiz- Integration of Programs


PowerPoint Unit A Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint Unit B Modifying a Presentation

PowerPoint Unit C Inserting Objects into a Presentation

PowerPoint Unit D Finishing a Presentation

Quiz- PowerPoint Presentations


Windows 8 Unit A Getting Started with Windows 8

Windows 8 Unit B Understanding File Management

Quiz- File Management


Word Unit A Creating Documents with Word 2013

Word Unit B Editing Documents

Word Unit C Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Word Unit D Formatting Documents

Quiz Word Documents


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Syllabus

Chapter 1 The Criminal Justice System

Chapter 2 Crime and Crime Caustion

 Chapter 3 Criminal Justice and the Rule of Law

 Chapter 4 Police.pdf

Chapter 5 Policy Comptemporary Issues and Challenges

Quiz Chapters 1-5


Chapter 6 Polices and Law.pdf

 Chapter 7 Court and Adjudication

Chapter 8 Pretrial Procedures, Plea Bargaining, and the Criminal Trial

Chapter 9 Punishment and Sentencing

 Chapter 10 Corrections.pdf

Quiz Chapters 6-10


Chapter 11 Incarceration and Prision Society

 Chapter 12 Probation and Intermediate Sanctions

 Chapter 13 Reentry into the Community

 Chapter 14 Technology and Criminal Justice

Chapter 15 Juvenile Justice

Quiz Chapters 11-15


Introduction to Basic Individual Federal Taxation Theory

Chapter 1 Understanding the Tax Law

Chapter 2 Working with the Law

Chapter 3 Tax Formula and Tax Determination

Chapter 4 Gross Income Concepts and Inclusion

Chapter 5 Gross Income Exclusions

Chapter 6 Deducations and Losses

Chapter 7 Deducations and Losses Business Expenses