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World Studies

World Studies Syllabus

Chapter 1 The Earliest Human Societies

Chapter 2 Mesopotamia

Chapter 3 Early Africa and Egypt

Chapter 4 Central Asia and India's Beginnings

Chapter 5 New Civilizations and Empires

Chapter 6 Ancient China to 221

Chapter 7 Settlement of the Americas and the Pacific Islands

Chapter 8 The Greek Adventure

Chapter 9 Greek Humanism

Chapter 10 Rome from City-State to Empire

 Chapter 11 The Roman Empire and the Rise

Chapter 12 Iran, India, and Global Trade

Midterm Comprehensive Examination


Chapter 13 Imperial China in Its Golden Age.

Chapter 14 The Americas to the Fifteenth Century

Chapter 15 Islam

 Chapter 16 Mature Islamic Civilization

Chapter 17 Africa from Axum to 1400

Chapter 18 The Mongols Unify Eurasia.pdf

Chapter 19 Japan and Southeast Asia

Chapter 20 The European Middle Ages

Chapter 21 The Late European Middle Ages

Chapter 22 A Larger World Opens

Chapter 23 Religious Divisions and Political

Chapter 24 The Gunpowder Empries of Western

Chapter 25 Africa and the Era of Expansion

Final Comprehensive Comprehensive


US History

U.S. History Syllabus

Chapter 1 Three Societies

Chapter 2 Contact and Settlement

Chapter 3 Expansion and It's Costs

Chapter 4 Expansion and Control

Chapter 5 Toward Revolution

Chapter 6 The Revolution

Chapter 7 Confederation and Constitution

Chapter 8 Securing the New Nation

Chapter 9 Jeffersonian Democracy

Chapter 10 The Market Revolution

Chapter 11 Politics of the Market Revolution

Chapter 12  A Regionalized America

Chapter 13 The Continued Move West.

Chapter 14 The Impending Crisis

Chapter 15 The Civil War

Midterm Comprehensive Examination


Chapter 16 Reconstruction

Chapter 17 The Industrial Revolution

Chapter 18 The Industrial Age

Chapter 19 The Progressive Era

Chapter 20 Becoming a World Power

Chapter 21 Prosperity and the Change

Chapter 22 The Great Depression

Chapter 23 World War II

Chapter 24 Cold War America

Chapter 25 The Sixties

Chapter 26 The Age of Fracture

Chapter 27 Reagan's America

Chapter 28 American in the Information Age

Chapter 29 Globalization and Its Discontent

Final Comprehensive Examination

The Following Two Two Readings are Optional

Secondary Education Social Science Classroom US History How We Elect a President

Secondary Education Social Science Classroom US History World War II Propaganda


Civics and Government

Civics and Government Syllabus

Semester 1

Chapter 1 One Republic Two Americas

Chapter 2 The Constitution

Chapter 3 Federalism

Chapter 4 Civil Liberties

Chapter 5 Civil Rights

Chapter 6 Public Opinion and Political Socialization

Chapter 7 Interest Groups

Chapter 8 Political Party

Chapter 9 Campaign, Voting, and Elections

Midterm Comprehensive Examination


Chapter 10 Media and Politics

Chapter 11 The Congress

Chapter 12 The President

Chapter 13 The Bureaucracy

Chapter 14 The Courts

Chapter 15 Domestic Policy

Chapter 16 Economic Policy

Chapter 17 Foreign Policy and National Security

Chapter 18 State and Local Government

Final Comprehensive Examination


Economics for Consumers

Economics for Consumers Syllabus

Semester 2

Chapter I Consumers

Chapter 2 Buying Technology Products

Chapter 3 Consumer Protection.

Chapter 4 Choose a Career

Chapter 5 Taxes

Chapter 6 Budgeting

Chapter 7 Banking Services

Chapter 8 Saving

Midterm Comprehensive Examination


Chapter 9 Investing

Chapter I0 Credit

Chapter 11 Budget Essentials

Chapter 12 Transportation

Chapter 13 Housing

Chapter 14 Automobile and Home Insurance

Chapter 15 Health and Life Insurance

Chapter 16 Choose Services

Chapter 17 Global Economy

Final Comprehensive Examination


People of a Nation- Ethnic Studies  


Part I

African American Studies and Contributions to America

Part II

Native American Studies and  Contributions to America


Part III

Latino and Hispanic American Studies and Contributions to America

Hispanic Heritage and Inventions.pdf


Part IV

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Studies and Contributions to America


Part V

Middle Easterners and North Africans Studies and Contributions to America

People of a Nation Ethnic Studies Essay