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The Number System.


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The Number System.


English I Grammar and Writing Skills

English I Syllabus

Unit 1 The Sentence


Unit 2 Nouns


Unit 3 Pronouns


Unit 4 Verbs


Unit 5 The Time of Verbs


Unit 6 Misused Verbs


Unit 7 Adjectives and Adverbs


Unit 8 Prepositions and Conjunctions


Unit 9 Phrases and Clauses


Unit 10 Punctuations


Unit 11 Number Expression and Capitalization

Unit 12 Word Choice

Writing Assignment:

Students will be required to prepare a composition assignment for units 11 and 12


English II Composition

English II Syllabus

Chapter 1 Connecting to the Reading Process

Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 2 Asking Questions

Chapter 2 Quiz

Chapter 3 Developing Your Vocabulary

Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 4 Finding the Main Idea

Chapter 4 Quiz

Chapter 5 Identifying Implied Ideas

Chapter 5 Quiz

Chapter 6 Recognizing Patterns of Organization

Chapter 6 Quiz

Chapter 7 Taking Notes on Textbook Chapters

Chapter 7 Quiz

Chapter 8 Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion

Chapter 8 Quiz

Chapter 9 Making Inferences

Chapter 9 Quiz

Chapter 10 Analyzing the Author's Tone

Chapter 10 Quiz

Chapter 11 Evaluation the Author's Reasoning and Evidence

Chapter 11 Quiz



English III Literature and Reading and Writing Comprehension

This course was designed to strength your ability to gather your thoughts and retain information. You will be required to submit a written paper at the end of this course.


English III Syllabus

Chapter 1 Understanding the Reading And Writing Connection

Chapter 2 One Writer's Process

Chapter 3 Starting

Chapter 4 Planning

Chapter 5 Drafting

Chapter 6 Revising

Chapter 7 Editing

Chapter 8 Publishing

Chapter 9 Narration, Description and Reflection

Chapter 10 Definition

Chapter 11 Classification

Chapter 12 Process

Chapter 13 Comparison Contrast

Chapter 14 Cause-Effect

Chapter 15 Reading Literature

Chapter 16 Strategies for Argumentation and Persuasion

Chapter 17 Taking a Position

Chapter 18 Persuading Readers to Act

Chapter 19 Proposing a Solution

Chapter 20 Planning Your Research Project

Chapter 21 Doing Your Research

Chapter 22 Working With Your Sources

Chapter 23 Writing a Research Paper

Quiz- Write a paper based on your understanding of the material.


English IV Research and Various Style of Writing

This course was designed to strengthen your ability to research and to write articles.

English IV Syllabus

Chapter 1 Plagiarism

Chapter 2 How Psychologist Write

Chapter 3 The Introduction Section

Chapter 4 The Method Section

Chapter 5 The Results Section

Chapter 6 The Discussion Section

Chapter 7 The Abstract

Chapter 8 The Reference Section

Chapter 9 The Title Page and Formatting

Chapter 10 Grooming Tips for Psychology Papers

Chapter 11 Presentations

Quiz- Please submit the following research