Welcome to the English Classroom.


English I Grammar and Writing Skills

English I Syllabus

Unit 1 The Sentence

Unit 2 Nouns

Unit 3 Pronouns

Unit 4 Verbs

Unit 5 The Time of Verbs

Unit 6 Misused Verbs

Unit 7 Adjectives and Adverbs

Unit 8 Prepositions and Conjunctions

Unit 9 Phrases and Clauses

Unit 10 Punctuations

Unit 11 Number Expression and Capitalization

Unit 12 Word Choice


English II Composition

English II Syllabus

Chapter 1 Connecting to the Reading Process

Chapter 2 Asking Questions

Chapter 3 Developing Your Vocabulary

Chapter 4 Finding the Main Idea

Chapter 5 Identifying Implied Ideas

Chapter 6 Recognizing Patterns of Organization

Chapter 7 Taking Notes on Textbook

Chapter 8 Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion

Chapter 9 Making Inferences

Chapter 10 Analyzing the Author's Tone

Chapter 11 Evaluation the Author's Reasoning and Evidence


English III Literature and Reading and Writing Comprehension

English III Syllabus

Chapter 1 Understanding the Reading And Writing Connection

Chapter 2 One Writer's Process

Chapter 3 Starting

Chapter 4 Planning

Chapter 5 Drafting

Chapter 6 Revising

Chapter 7 Editing

Chapter 8 Publishing

Chapter 8 Publishing

Chapter 9 Narration, Description and Reflection

Chapter 10 Definition

Chapter 11 Classification

Chapter 12 Process

Chapter 13 Comparison Contrast

Chapter 14 Cause-Effect

Chapter 15 Reading Literature

Chapter 16 Strategies for Argumentation and Persuasion

Chapter 17 Taking a Position

Chapter 18 Persuading Readers to Act

Chapter 19 Proposing a Solution

Chapter 20 Planning Your Research Project

Chapter 21 Doing Your Research

Chapter 22 Working With Your Sources

Chapter 23 Writing a Research Paper


English IV Research and Various Style of Writing

English IV Syllabus

Chapter 1 Plagiarism

Chapter 2 How Psychologist Write

Chapter 3 The Introduction Section

Chapter 4 The Method Section

Chapter 5 The Results Section

Chapter 6 The Discussion Section

Chapter 7 The Abstract

Chapter 8 The Reference Section

Chapter 9 The Title Page and Formatting

Chapter 10 Grooming Tips for Psychology Papers

Chapter 11 Presentations


A Final Research Paper will b due at the end of the Term.