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   Marlene Parham Murphy

I am the president of Accountax School of Business/Accountax Business Services Group with thirty five years of experience in the fields of taxation and professional education. Accountax Business Services Group has been in operations since 1982. I provide tax preparation, tax resolution,  tax court representation, and other business services to clients acroos the country.

  • University Professor

  • Former IRS Revenue Agent

  • Tax Specialist


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Education

  • Master of Science Degree in Accounting

  Certifications and Licenses

  • State of Illinois- Teaching Certification in Secondary Education

  • State of Illinois- Professional Development Provider

  • State of Illinois- Continuing Professional Education Provider for CPA's

  • Department of Treasury- Enrolled Agent License to Practice

  • Internal Revenue Service- Continuing Education Provider

  • State of Tennessee- Continuing Legal Education Provider

  • State of Tennessee- Continuing Professional Education Provider for CPA's


  Tax Preparation  

We are Enrolled Agents and authorized e-filers for the Internal Revenue Service. As Tax Accountants with twenty eight years of experience and former Internal Revenue Service Agents, we educate our clients keeping them informed on tax law issues. As educators, we pride ourselves on tax research and continuing professional education. We provide tax preparation for individuals, sole proprietors, small business corporations, partnerships, fiduciaries, trusts and estates, and exempt organizations. 

  Tax Research

We provide tax research for IRS examinations and preparation for IRS Tax Court cases. As Enrolled Agents, we consistently attend courses for continuing professional education and receive tax updates on a daily basis.


 Tax Resolution and Representation

We pride ourselves in our ability to assist our clients with existing tax issues. Our services include; attending IRS Examinations and Audits, penalty abatements, mediations and arbitrations, offers in compromise, and representing clients at the IRS Tax Courts.

  Business Plans                       

The business plan represents your company on paper. If you are starting a new business, your business plan makes the first impression on loan officers, possible contributors, and others who you want to impress. A business plan should be professional, clear, and attractive to the eye. issues

  Preparation of Wills & Trusts

The will, like other estate planning documents, must follow very strict requirements regarding signatures, witness to signatures, and in some cases notarization to be considered a valid court document.  When preparing this document, there should be an understanding of the parts of a will (including the placement of signature line for the testator and witnesses) and how they are incorporated into the document, so that the document is both legally correct in structure and consistent with the client's estate planning goals. Have a valid, up-to-date will. Consider a living trust. Carefully review the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy (ies) and retirement plans. Review joint ownership. 





Accountax Business Services Group


We provide accounting services to individuals, partnerships, and small business corporations. Accounting services are provided on a continuous basis throughout the tax year. Accounting is an integral part of record keeping, maintaining source documents, and financial statement preparation. 

Tax and Advisory

Tax consultation is the first step to providing clients with the correct information for preparing and filing tax returns and solving tax issues. Tax consultation is provided to all new and former clients on a continuous basis.

General Powers of Attorney

The general Power of Attorney gives the person who you designate ( your Agent) broad powers to handle your property which may include powers to pledge, sell, or otherwise dispose of any real or personal property without any advance notice to you or approval by you. These powers will continue to exist after you become disabled or incompetent. This document does not authorize anyone to make medical or other health care decisions for you. You may revoke this Power of Attorney if you chose to do so. 






is the president of Financials Profilers, LLC with forty-nine years of business experience as a Bookkeeper, Payroll Processor, and Tax Accountant. She provides services to clients across the country.

Patty is a network partner providing payroll services to clients of Accountax Business Services Group We work in conjunction with providing tax preparation and tax resolution services.


  • Studied Bookkeeping software with Quick Books and Peach Tree now   called Sage and
  • CSA/Ultra Tax by Thomson Reuters
  • Studied Excel and True Value Interest Program



  • Certified Payroll Accountant
  • Certified Bookkeeper


  Bookkeeping and Payroll

 Payroll is usually one of the largest operating expenses a company has. Employers must maintain accurate payroll records for three reasons. First, the company must keep accurate records because wages and salaries are income tax deductions for the employer.  Second, data must be collected in order to compute earnings for each employee for each payroll period.  Third, information must be provided to complete federal and state payroll reports that employers are required by law to keep.   



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