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The Basic Tax Preparation and Tax Refresher Course

Program Description and Continuing Education Requirements

This Course covers tax law topics across three domains: New Tax Law/Recent Updates, General Review, and Ethics, Practices and Procedures.

The study material has been designed for a 6 hour review

Test Parameters:

  • Each test will include 100 questions that assess a return preparer's comprehension of course content.  Each test will consist of only multiple choice questions.

  • All topics across the three domains or the course or outline will be tested. In addition there will be a comprehensive test.

  • Students must answer a minimum of 70% of test questions correctly to pass the Basic Tax Prep course comprehensive test.

  • Students are permitted to attempt the test an unlimited number of times

  • Students will receive a certificate of completion.

This review course has been designed to incorporate the following topic areas of taxation. The material has been updated to reflect the 2015/2016 tax year. Changes have been made to the content of the material, per the IRS specifications.

                                                 Please see the Course Description Syllabus

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