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 Professional Education Registration Form

We are an approved, by the Illinois State Board of Education, to provide for secondary education grades 6-12. We are also approved by the Internal Revenue Service to provide continuing education, the Tennessee Commision on legal education to provide continuing legal education for attorneys, and the Illinois State Board of Education to provide professional development.

We provide courses and programs with a rolling enrollment. Students may enter classrooms at anytime.The classrooms have been designed to incorporate lectures, presentations, and quizzes.

  Once we receive a student registration/enrollment agreement and the payment agreement, applicants will be provided a user name and password combination. Students will then be directed to enter the orientation room and the classrooms.



  There are three steps to this process.

Step I- Please enter your contact information and select your course (s), program, or workshop. 

First and Last Name


City, State, and Zip Code

Telephone or Cell Number

Fax Number ( If Applicable)

Email Address

Please Enter Your PTIN       (For Continuing Education Students Only)

 Name of Your Company      ( if applicable)


  Step II Please Choose Your Course Or Program-Once you make this selection- you may choose any subject area within your classroom.

These courses are on going and are updated each year.  Students may register for these courses at anytime during the calendar year.

      Basic Individual Taxation Study Course- $99                 

      Enrolled Agent Review Program- $ 600 for the full program. Students may make the full payment upon registration or pay one half at registration and the other half within four weeks. Students who have paid and are returning after one year of inactivity will only need to submit a $50 registration fee.

Beginning immediately, the IRS will begin allowing continuing education credit for each of the three parts of the Enrolled Agent Special Enrolled ( SEE) test preparation programs. Students may now earn up to five hours of federal tax continuing education credit for preparation of the EA Test for each Parts 1 and 2, and two credit hours of ethics for Part 3.  The maximum amount for SEE preparation  programs is 12 credit hours.  


Continuing Education, Continuing Legal Education, and Professional Development

The CE and CLE courses-  Each course is one credit hour. The cost per credit hour is $25. Students may take one credit hour for $25 or unlimited credit hours for $199 for one year from the time of registration.

          CE 16 Hours Courses $299 

 Enrolled Agents are required to attain credits for 10 hours of Federal Tax, 2 hours of Ethics, and 3 hours of Federal Tax Updates. Continuing Education for AFTR course participants are required to attain 10 hours of Tax Updates and 2 hours of Ethics. 

Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents are required to take Continuing Education in Qualified Retirement Plan Matters and Ethics.

       Enrolled Agents and Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents 

       Continuing Legal Education State of Tennessee   

        Professional Development - These course are free to the employees of Accountax School of Business  



Enter the date you plan to start your course           



 Students Right to Cancel

The student has the right to cancel this contract up until theď5 business daysĒ after this contract is signed by the student and the school accepts the student. Notice of cancellation shall be made orally or in writing to: Marlene Murphy,  Accountax School of Business emailed to, or faxed to (731) 518-4046.

Refund Policy

Students who enroll in a distance education course of instruction shall have 5 business days from the date of their initial acceptance to cancel the enrollment and receive a complete refund of monies paid to the school. Thereafter, the school shall retain a prorated amount based on the percentage of lessons completed, up to 60% of the course of instruction plus 10% of the total tuition and other instructional charges. If no lessons are completed, students will receive a completed refund less a registration processing fee of 50.00.


Complaints against the school may be registered with the Illinois State Board of Education by sending a letter to either of the following addresses:


Accountax School of Business, Incorporated

3685 Whiteville New Castle Rd.

Whiteville TN 38075

                                                          (708) 720-4547 Phone or Fax (731) 518-4046 




 Notice to Student:

1.  Do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces.

2.  This a legal instrument. It is binding.   Read it before you sign.

3.  You are entitled to an exact copy of this agreement and any disclosure pages you sign. 

4.  Every assignee of this contract takes it subject to all claims and defenses of the student or his successors in interest arising under this agreement.      

5. This contract and the catalog constitute the entire agreement between the student and the school.   

6. Under the law you have the right, among others, to pay the full amount due and to obtain under certain conditions a partial of  full refund.

7. This agreement is a legally binding instrument when signed by a student and accepted by the students.

8. The terms and conditions of this agreement are not subject to amendment or modification by oral agreement.

9. Any changes in this agreement shall not be binding on either the student or school unless such changes have been approved in writing by an authorized official of the school and by the student.    

I certify that I agree to the terms set forth in this enrollment agreement.

Signature of Student     Date      


The school is in its thirteenth year of operations. The school is approval by the Internal Revenue Service as a Continuing Education Provider  Required statistical disclosures regarding enrollments and completions are available. Applicants not accepted by the school shall receive a refund of all tuition and fees paid. Registration fee shall be chargeable at initial enrollment. An acknowledgement of enrollment will be provided upon submission of this form. If the school cancels or discontinues a course, the student shall have all tuition refunded. The school shall make all student refunds within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the studentís cancellation. Refunds shall be based on the last lesson completed if there is unexplained absence of student.


 Thank you.   


 How did you hear about us?            


All CE, CLE, and Professional Development Certificates will be issued within 24 hours of completion. Records of IRS submission will also be provided to each student.



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