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 Welcome to Our World of Education

Our educational programs are designed to provide  a safe environment for the children while strengthening them academically, physiologically, and physiologically.

Our goal is to provide a free learning environment encouraging each student to pursue their endeavors. Our vision is to provide the tools needed for students to transition into adulthood.


Elementary Education

We provide In the School/ After School services to the Chicago Public Schools. These programs were designed to provide instructional and continuing academics to the elementary students who attend certain schools.

Our services consist of:

  • mentoring
  • homework assistance
  • mathematics and English tutoring
  • summer youth programs
  • transportation to and from the home and the school

Contact Marion R. Parham (773) 678-8217 asb@accountax.us


Our 2017 Summer Camp

  The Summer Program Begins


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The A.S.B. Summer School Packet This Packet includes;

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Contact: Mario Roshell Parham

(773) 678-8217 Phone and Text;




The Beginning of Our Summer

Hanging Out With Chicago Fire

Learning Team Sports

Jesse White, State of Illinois Secretary of State

Mario R. Parham, Vice President of Accountas School of Business dba ASB Institution of Learning

(773) 678-8217; Fax 731-518-4046      email;asb@accountax.us