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Tennessee Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Provider


These regulations express the standard procedures of the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization. For compelling reasons, the Commission may suspend or alter any part of these regulations in particular matters. These Regulations were last reviewed, modified, and adopted by the Commission on March 18, 2008. Definitions Commission: The Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization Rule: The Rule for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, Rule 21 of the Supreme Court of Tennessee General Credit: Credit applicable only to the general CLE requirement EP Credit: Credit applicable only to the Ethics & Professionalism requirement Dual Credit: Credit applicable to either the general or EP requirements

5B. Remote Locations and Distance Learning 1. Remote Locations: Seminars consisting of viewing or hearing the presentations at remote sites via electronic transmission as part of an organized CLE event for multiple participants at that site will receive credit if participants have a reasonable opportunity to submit questions to the speaker at the broadcast's origination site. Programs presented via video tape replay must have a live commentator as required by Rule 21. Further, the Commission encourages the use of live commentators at satellite programs to enhance the educational value of such programs. Remote locations of live seminars are not considered a “distance learning format” pursuant to Rule 21 Section 4.08 and are not subject to the per year maximum on such credits established by that section. 2. Distance Learning: Pursuant to Rule 21, Section 4.08 and 5.01 (f), the Commission approves the following distance learning formats: a. on-line programs with interactive components, accredited for actual time spent for programs involving video or audio components, but to a maximum of one (1) hour of credit for text-only programs, b. “real-time” or “streamed” seminars whether through "conference call" or via the internet (“webcast”) if the submission of questions or other interactive components are included, and c. interactive stand-alone programs without a web component if they include participation monitoring, or a testing component, and completion certification from the sponsor, ac-credited for normal completion time, but to a maximum of one (1) hour of credit for text-only programs.

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