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Continuing Education


 The Enrolled Agent Review Program

This course incorporates theory, law, and practice in tax preparation. This is a live course through virtual learning. The cost of this program is $ 1800; $600 per course.  This cost includes live Zoom lectures.

 Enrolled Agents ( EAs) are tax practitioners with technical expertise in taxation and are fully authorized to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal revenue Service including audits collections and appeals. Only Enrolled Agents, Attorneys, and CPA's are licensed to practice before the IRS and represent clients.

The Enrolled Agent Review Program is designed to prepare students for a career as a tax professional. Enrolled Agents are in high demand in small and large accounting firms, law firm, corporate accounting departments, state departments of revenue, investment firms, banks, and in private practice. Enrolled agents are Tax Experts and Tax Professionals. The average U.S. Salary for an Enrolled Agent is $45,000.

The Enrolled Review Program study material consists of three areas of taxation and one course in business mathematics.

Individual Taxation- Tax preparation and tax law for individual returns
Business Taxation- Tax preparation and tax law of small to large corporations, and other business entities
Representation, Practice and Procedures- Representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service using ethical practices and procedures per IRS circular 2.30.

After a student completes the Enrolled Agent Review, they take the Special Enrollment Examination ( SEE) at a Prometic local site. Prometric is the only testing site authorized, by the IRS, to give the SEE examination.

Once a student passes all three parts of the SEE examination , a federal license is issued
by the Internal Revenue Service. Students who pass the examination and receive their EA license, from the Department of Treasury/ IRS, may practice in all jurisdictions governed by the Internal Revenue Service.

In addition, According to the Internal Revenue Service Circular 230, 10.6(g) Enrolled Agents must qualify for the renewal of enrollment. In order to qualify for renewal of enrollment, an individual enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service must certify on the application for renewal form prescribed by the Director of Practice that he or she has satisfied the requirement for continuing professional education. Requirements for enrollment cycle. A minimum of 72 hours of continuing education credit must be completed during each enrollment cycle. A minimum of 16 hours of continuing education credit, including 2 hours of ethics or professional conduct, must be completed during each enrollment year of an enrollment cycle.

We also provide the 72 hours of continuing education material, as an IRS Continuing Education Provider, to qualify for the Enrolled Agent Renewal. 72 Hours of continuing education must be completed within three of of becoming an Enrolled Agent in order to renew the license. The cost of the continuing education over a three year period is included in the cost of the Enrolled Agent Review Program.



 Business Taxation

Students are required to attend Zoom lectures four days a week for two hours. The cost of this program is $ 1,050.00 per course.      This cost includes live Zoom lectures.

This course is designed to provide basic theory and practice in taxation. The course prepares students for occupations or careers in taxation.

 Domain 1: Business Entities

1.1. Business Entities and considerations

1.2. Partnerships

1.3. Corporations in general

1.4. Forming a corporation

1.5. S corporations

Domain 2: Busines Tax Preparation

2.1 Business Income

2.2 Business Expenses, Deductions, and Creditis

2.3 Business Assits

2.4. Analysis of financial records

2.5. Advising the business taxpayer

Domain 3: Specialized Returns and Taxpayers

3.1. Trust and estate income tax

3.2. Exempt organizations

3.3. Retirement plans

3.4. Farmers

3.5 Rental Property