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Accountax School  of  Business  is a not-for-profit private school organized in the State of Illinois. 

The school has been in operation since 2002.

Approvals and Certifications:

Registered with the Illinois State Board of Education

Approved as an IRS Continuing Education Provider

Approved as a Provider for Continuing Legal Education

Schedule of  Classes


Classrooms for New and Continuing Students

School Catalog

Contact Us:

Marlene Murphy

(708) 720-4547




ASB Elementary Education

In The School/After School Programs Designed With the Elementary Students In Mind

  • mentoring
  • homework assistance
  • mathematics and English tutoring
  • summer youth programs
  • transportation to and from the home and the school

                       Continuing Education



Secondary Education

We encourage students to be creative in a free style learning environment.

  • Our objective is to provide the academic tools for skill development while continuing to strengthen and motivate our students.  

  • Our instructors are skilled in certain academic areas that allow them to provide instruction using personalized teaching techniques


                                     Accountax Business Srv

Areas of Practice

The Business and Tax Information Center




College & Career Readiness

It is the goal of the institution to:

  • Provide students with the curriculum needed to meet high school graduation requirements.

  • Encourage students to continue to higher levels of education.  

Secondary Education Graduation Requirements


                                  Professional Development

   Academic and Occupational Classes that Provide Skill Attainment for the Adult Learner

     Please Refer to the                                    "Schedule of  Classes"             for Professionals